NewVac pushes for new-fangled cancer immunotherapy

Russia’s innovative biotech company and a Skolkovo resident, NewVac, is developing cutting-edge cancer immunotherapy technology and has recently completed some tests, Rusnanonet Russian National Nanotech Network reports. The company is reportedly working on new low-molecular compounds that could be used as co-adjuvant to dramatically improve the effect of therapeutic antitumoral vaccines, and moving to clinical trials of new cancer immunotherapy techniques.

Khimki, December 05, 2011 - The fundamental idea of blocking protective mechanisms cancer cells employ against the human body’s immune response is said to have been first formulated by Dr. Mikhail Sitkovsky from the New England Inflammation and Tissue Protection Institute (NEITPI), Boston, the U.S. Earlier this year NewVac scientists developed and tested a number of new synthetic A2A inhibitors for use with oncovaccines and are assumed to have patented their IP. 

The work done has reportedly resulted in the development of clinical trials protocols. The Russian researchers have plans to perform clinical trials over the course of next year to see if the new cancer treatment method is safe and efficient. According to NewVac CEO Sergei Bugrov, the company is supported by the Skolkovo Foundation. NewVac’s goal is “the creation of a Russian-based innovative, world-class biomed platform for cancer treatment centered on immunotherapy, personalized medicine and other modern approaches.” 

NewVac is an innovative biomed company located in the town of Khimki just outside Moscow. It is a subsidiary of Russia’s largest private biomed R&D center, ChemRar.

Contacts for media:

Elena Surina 
Phone: + 7(926)-206-78-71 
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